About Us

Flyer Press Office

Flyer press Ltd is, at its heart, a print company; however, over the years has taken on more of a design agency role, hiring talented graphic designers. We provide a variety of printing options including: high quality lithographic and pristine digital prints, exterior banners, wide format printing, vehicle graphics, and shop front signage to name but a few. We also offer conceptual artwork showing the customer a preview of what their items will look like when the finished product is delivered. Our high-end PC’s run the latest, top of the line image setting software for print production, as well as professional graphics software packages to ensure the highest quality products on the market.

Flyer Press Ltd was set up in 2005 by Jonathan Trotter due to a need to supply printing for the existing Flyer titled Magazines. As their circulation and pagination increased, the natural progression for the businesses was to expand into the print sector. By bringing the Design, Print and Distribution in-house, the whole process could be controlled and streamlined. Better quality control, faster turnaround times and increased productivity allowed the Flyer Magazine to be delivered to market more efficiently than ever.

Since the Flyer Magazines were brought in-house, the magazine has grown dramatically. We also print other magazines and publications, some of which we deliver as well. We are able to offer all of our customers the benefit of our combined experience by delivering them a faultless business model and the reassurance that their products will be taken care of, without the costly need to outsource.

As with all print manufacturing companies, we are always looking to find more efficient ways of producing print. We have been steadily upgrading our Heidelberg presses and CTP systems. With these systems we have achieved less waste, reducing our carbon footprint, in keeping with our core values. Flyer Press, throughout the recession, stayed strong and found a new market in book printing by investing in a Duplo Bookbinding system. Our upgraded Duplo System allows us to offer perfectly bound books to our customers.

What sets us apart is that we work directly with our customers to help them grow their business, offering impartial marketing advice and expectations of print campaigns.